Wait List

The wait list gives you the option to pick your puppy (before they are born). On a first come first serve basis. Add 3% if paid via PayPal.

There are four different levels for the wait option.

  • Top-Tier  ($3000) - pick of the litter

  • Preferred ($1500)  - pick of litter after Top-Tier

  • General    ($  750)  - pick of litter after Preferred

  • Notify       ($      0)  - notified of new litter after General

One third (1/3) of wait option monies is non-refundable. This is also the charge for the 'Top-Tier' wait option. The remainder for 'Top-Tier' (2/3) applies toward the cost of pick. For remaining options, all of the option monies applies toward the cost of pick. Two thirds (2/3) of option monies can be refunded for any reason until puppy reservation. At time of puppy reservation the option monies is no longer refundable.

After puppies are born, Paussies will call through list top-down for reservation (or notification) of available puppies. New litters will not be available to public (with exception of  the 'Notify' option) until all wait option lists have been contacted.

To get on wait list, fill out application below. Paussies will respond with next steps based on application. When funds have cleared, you will be added to chosen wait list.


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